Break out of prison

Donna C Motivation Cafe get out of jail

“Before you can break out of prison, you must realize you are locked up.” This is a sentiment that is popular in the substance abuse and recovery world. But it has broad applications for many of us. We often fall into a rut with our life and work and don’t have the clear vision to… [Continue..]

The Inspiration Nurse, Donna Cardillo, Hosts Empowered Nurse, Enlightened Practice™ Retreat to Combat Compassion Fatigue

Tucson, AZ (February, 2015) Nurses are healers, teachers, nurturers and more often than not, tend to the health and well-being of others more than their own. On duty 24-7, and often dealing with emotionally-charged events such as the death of their patients, these dedicated professionals often neglect their own well-being for the sake of others… [Continue..]

Even Nurses Make Mistakes

Nurses Make Mistakes too

“When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.” ~Unknown All of us make mistakes from time to time in our nursing careers and our lives. We’re only human. It can be a patient care issue or personal… [Continue..]

Nurses Are Not Machines

Nurses are not machines

Know your limits. Many nurses are working 12-hour shifts these days which research tells us is detrimental to the body, mind and spirit. It pushes us to our limits and beyond, especially when working on consecutive days. And because this allows nurses to work only 3 days per week to accrue full time hours, some… [Continue..]

Nurses Are Always “On Call”

Nurses are always on call

Had to do a nursing intervention in the parking lot of my gym earlier in the year. I saw a woman with her elderly dad, unstable on his feet and down on one knee. She was struggling to get him up and panicking. I went to their assistance and helped her to get him into… [Continue..]

Help Yourself, Help Others

Help Yourself / Help Others

My yoga instructor usually imparts some ‘yogic’ wisdom at the end of each class. This week he said, “We have two hands. One is to help others, and the other is to help ourselves.” Such a powerful message in so few words. It beautifully underscores not only the importance of tending to self, but conveys… [Continue..]

Defend Your Family Against Cold & Flu

Defend Your Family Against Cold & Flu-Donna Cardillo

Cold and flu season are upon us. And while eating balanced meals, getting enough sleep, staying properly hydrated and minimizing stress are important ways to keep germs at bay, proper and frequent hand washing may be your best defense against infecting yourself and others. In fact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest… [Continue..]

Are you a Pollyanna?


When someone calls another person a “Pollyanna” it is usually meant in a derogatory way. It implies that the person only sees the positives, and ignores the negatives, in any situation — which some interpret as being naïve or denying reality. Yet the fictional Pollyanna, to whom the term refers, was an optimist who simply… [Continue..]

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips-Donna Cardillo

Whatever your plans are for New Year’s Eve, here are some important tips to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy as you ring in the New Year. On New Year’s Eve: Stay off the roads if possible – even if you’re sober. To some folks, New Year’s Eve – day and night… [Continue..]

When You’re Served Disappointment, Find Positives for Your Plate

Bowl of Cherries

I was recently watching an episode of the Food Network’s popular competitive cooking show “Chopped.” One contestant is eliminated each round and the last chef standing goes home with a big prize. It was down to the final two contestants and the runner-up was announced, the last chef to get “chopped.” He was clearly deflated,… [Continue..]