Dispell the Dark Clouds


A friend once recommended that I connect with a colleague of hers who she believed had much in common with me—similar career background etc. Always looking to make new personal and professional connections, I eagerly got in touch with the gal and we arranged to meet for breakfast. As soon as we sat down and… [Continue..]

Failure = Growth

New Growth

Years ago, when I was still smoking, I,  like many others,  had tried numerous times to quit the habit only to fall off the wagon and pick up the deadly habit again. I always felt defeated and discouraged and often hopeless after each failed attempt. Then one day I heard the then-President of Smokers Anonymous… [Continue..]

Can a College Degree Make You Healthier and Happier?

College Degree-Donna Cardillo

Most of us equate college education with career opportunities. And while more education does typically lead to higher earnings and more job opportunities, there are many other more personal benefits. For example, a recent study shows that those who have a bachelor’s degree or higher live about 9 years longer than those who don’t graduate… [Continue..]

Write Your Way to Well-Being

Write to Well Being-Donna Cardillo

When most folks think about writing, they usually think about creative writing, correspondence or blogging – something for public consumption. But the simple act of putting pen to paper to express your thoughts and feelings “for your eyes only” can be both healing and transformative. It can lead to greater self-awareness, stress relief, increased happiness… [Continue..]

Develop the Writer in You

by Donna Cardillo, RN, MA Recently, while having lunch with several nurses, one of them said, “I’d love to write, but I have no writing ability.” I chuckled to myself remembering that there was a time in my life when I was absolutely convinced I had no capacity to write. Then I learned that almost… [Continue..]

Avoiding Caregiver Burnout

According the National Alliance on Caregiving, over 65 million Americans care for sick, disabled and elderly family members and friends, saving the healthcare system $375 billion dollars annually. But the caregiver or care partner is often overlooked in the process as the focus is on the person who requires the care. Caregivers often neglect their… [Continue..]

Sometimes all it takes is a kind word

Kind word-Donna Cardillo

Years ago at one of my first public seminars, an attendee came up to me and shared her story. She’d been out of the workforce for some time taking care of a disabled daughter. She now needed to get back to work but had lost her confidence and sense of self. During our brief encounter,… [Continue..]

How to Support Someone With a Serious Illness

When someone receives a diagnosis of cancer or other serious illness, some friends and extended family members sometimes distance themselves from that person and his/her immediate family. The reasons may vary but some folks simply don’t know what to do or say, so they avoid contact altogether. This reaction causes pain, sorrow and a sense… [Continue..]

Savor the present moment

Savor the moment-DonnaCardillo

On August 1st an acquaintance said to me, with distress in her voice and on her face, “I can’t believe summer is almost over!” She said this on a magnificent day that was sunny, warm, and bright. I said to her, “If you’re focused on summer ending you will miss out on all the summer… [Continue..]

7 Ways to Advocate for a Hospitalized Loved One

When someone you care about is in the hospital, it can be stressful, confusing, even overwhelming for you as well as the patient. But by becoming proactive in the process and learning to advocate for that person, you – and they – can feel more calm, confident and in control. Here are 7 ways to… [Continue..]