When You’re Served Disappointment, Find Positives for Your Plate

Bowl of Cherries

I was recently watching an episode of the Food Network’s popular competitive cooking show “Chopped.” One contestant is eliminated each round and the last chef standing goes home with a big prize. It was down to the final two contestants and the runner-up was announced, the last chef to get “chopped.” He was clearly deflated,… [Continue..]

Learn to Ride the Waves in Life


Bethany Hamilton is a young woman who, while surfing, lost her left arm during a shark attack in 2003. Her case was highly publicized, not only because of the incident but because three weeks later she got back on her surf board and hit the waves again. She made numerous TV appearances at that time.… [Continue..]

Open the Door


Joan Rivers said that she attributed her success to going through every door that was opened to her. That is a powerful insight. We all have doors open to us all the time but often we don’t see them because we become fixated on a closed door. Or perhaps we’re afraid of what lies ahead… [Continue..]

Just Do Your Best


I recently re-watched the movie ‘Julie & Julia’. In one scene, Meryl Streep playing Julia Child says about cooking and baking, “Even if it doesn’t come out perfectly, never apologize; no excuses.” This is a wonderful analogy for almost anything we do. In cooking, as in life, do the best you can and be proud… [Continue..]

Be True To Yourself


I was recently in conversation with a fellow business woman, probably about 60 years old. She is an optometrist (non-physician). Always interested in how and why people choose their career path, I asked her how she came to this profession. She cast her eyes downward and replied with an obvious sense of disappointment that what… [Continue..]

5 “Bad” Foods That Can Be Good for You

Good For You-Donna Cardillo

A recent dinner guest of mine, while salting her food at the table, asserted defensively, “I’m sorry. I know no one uses salt anymore because it’s unhealthy but I enjoy salt on my food.” I was startled by her declaration and blanket statements about table salt. It got me thinking about how much confusing and… [Continue..]

Lifestyle Changes, Long-term Benefits

Lifestyle Changes-Donna Cardillo

We live in a quick-fix society. We want instant results with minimal pain, effort and sacrifice. When it comes to our health and appearance, we’re accustomed to looking for a pill or procedure, and many doctors are quick to prescribe them. But if the root cause of the problem or challenge is not addressed, drugs,… [Continue..]

Can Too Much Sitting Make You Sick … or Worse?

Stretch-Donna Cardillo

I’m standing up while writing this. Why? Because I’ve just been reading research from the last few years about the serious health risks of spending too much time in the day/week sitting down. And the scary part is that even though I exercise regularly, that may not be enough to counteract the damage done by… [Continue..]

Nurse Entrepreneurs A Growing Trend Lead by Inspiration Nurse Donna Cardillo

Sea Girt, NJ (September, 2014) As healthcare evolves to meet the changing demographics and health needs of the population, so too does the role of the nurse. While once regarded as “assistants” to physicians, nurses are taking on a more active role in all areas of healthcare including as entrepreneurs and savvy business owners with… [Continue..]

Don’t Sweat the Clinical Stuff


Many new nurses are in a panic because they have had very little if any opportunity to perform various procedures such as bladder catheterization, NG tube insertion, tracheostomy care, etc. They also fear that experienced nurses will turn their nose’s up at them for not having that proficiency or even exposure. But the truth is… [Continue..]